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MSC Cruises Predicts Cruising Trends Over The Next 10 Years

Written By:
January 29, 2020

Cruising is always developing, and thanks to competitive cruise lines, we are reaping the rewards of an exciting variety of ‘first at sea experiences’. This constant battle for the top not only allows for cheaper sailing fares but also better deals and more inclusions on your average cruise.

With the higher expectations from your everyday cruiser, things like surf simulators and onboard arcades don’t quite offer the ‘wow factor’ anymore. MSC Cruises has recently released their predictions for 2030 cruising, so here’s a closer look at what your cruise holiday could look like in a decade’s time. Incidentally, last year, we made some of our own predictions too.



Technology is everywhere we go and, whether we like it or not, cruise lines are planning to implement apps into everyday tasks. From booking excursions, speciality restaurants, onboard activities and more, everything will be accessible via an app instead of having to waste time pre-booking in person. Secondly, with the popularity of VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) increasing day by day, cruise lines are likely to implement these within their own cruising experience, whether this is to help cruisers navigate the ship or give them something to do whilst waiting for their food.

For cruisers, the added features of AR, VR and XVR (Mixed Virtual Reality) add a completely new level of personalisation to their experience. Some cruise lines have already implemented 4D cinemas, laser tag, VR games and more real-world additions, moving away from the more traditional shows and opting for an interactive experience.


Another prediction comes in the form of subconscious designs. For example, cabin lighting or temperature can be adjusted depending on your mood, heart rate, pulse rate, stress levels and facial expressions in an attempt to give you maximum comfort. Walls will also be covered in smart materials, with the ability to display art or create a visually inspiring environment to keep you calm and relaxed throughout your cruise.

While this might all seem a little over the top, this will only improve the experience by allowing you to spend more time doing what you want, instead of worrying about the minor things. Each public room will also be designed for a multitude of reasons. Instead of restaurants only being for dining and libraries only available for quiet reading, most venues will feature a more all-encompassing design.



Cruise lines have been offering more extensive options when it comes to spa days and wellbeing treatments on board their ships. With Celebrity Cruises recently announcing their partnership with wellness and lifestyle company goop, cruise lines are focusing on their spa experiences and how cruisers can stay relaxed on board.

In the future, we are likely to see even more focus on wellbeing options that will include fitness, nutrition and beauty aspects. This also puts even more pressure on other operators to offer the same peaceful escapes with options like yoga, meditation and brand new treatments.


With all these high-tech changes happening on board almost every vessel, cruising could see a large influx of people looking for an ‘authentic cruising experience’. While we can argue that technology will help the way we cruise, the demand in the cruising world could change over the next 10 years.

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