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MSC Cruises To Become The First Carbon Neutral Global Cruise Line

Written By:
November 20, 2019

With the increasing pressure for cruise lines to become more and more eco-friendly, MSC cruises is taking a large step towards carbon neutrality with its growing commitment to the cause. With a plan set in motion to reduce their carbon footprint by 40%, a target set for 2030 and the ever-growing popularity of LNG cruise ships, MSC Cruises has outlined some of their changes to keep their ships as eco-friendly as possible.

So here are some of the changes MSC Cruises are planning to make over the upcoming years.


MSC Ship

Starting from the top, there are two new integrated features to reduce emissions from the top deck of the ship, these include a hybrid exhaust gas cleaning system, which is planning to cut the amount of sulphur dioxide from the ship by 98%. The other piece of innovative technology is a selective catalytic reduction system that should reduce the volume of nitrogen oxide by 90% with the use of active emission control technology.

For lighting, LEDs will be used across the entire fleet, which is not only more energy-efficient but still produces the same ambient lighting throughout the ship. Along with the new lighting, smart heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems have been installed to redistribute heat around the ship from the spaces like the laundry rooms and machinery spaces to spaces on the top deck like the swimming pools and other parts of the ship. This not only lessens the need for onboard air-conditioning but also allows the ship to become more self-sufficient.

Adaptations to the ship’s shape further slash fuel consumption, starting with the ship’s trim which has been modified to reduce pull and optimise performance. The second change involves adding anti-fouling paint that reduces the ship’s overall drag and is environmentally friendly, even helping to impede the growth of barnacles, algae and marine organisms. Finally, the ship is more energy-efficient, using 28% less fuel and 255kg less CO2 per passenger per cruise compared to ships of other classes.

Reducing water and electricity usage is another great challenge that MSC Cruises faces, but they have come up with three great solutions to combat these issues. Ballast water treatment systems that avoid introducing invading species into certain areas of the ocean and causing disruption to native species. Secondly, the ship will use shore-to-ship power, allowing it to connect to local power grids and reduce overall emissions while in port. Lastly, advanced water treatment systems convert wastewater into a very high standard that beats most shoreside municipal standards around the world.

Finally, keeping the impact on large-marine animals to a minimum is key and making sure not to disturb them as little as possible is a priority. One of the main talking points is underwater noise and MSC Cruises has put measures in place to combat these issue and reduce overall noise underwater. Also, they have integrated advanced water systems so that everything on board is either reduced, recycled or reused whenever possible. Finally, optimising the hull design and using the latest generation of Azipod engines and propellers help the ship to move more methodically.

MSC Cruises has proven that with a few small changes to the ship’s overall design, there can be massive improvements in the way we sail. MSC Grandiosa will be the first to test out this ground-breaking new technology before the rest of the fleet will follow suit.

So, if you would like to learn more about the ground-breaking technology that cruise ships are incorporating or want to book a cruise, call us today or contact us through our website.

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