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Patron Saints at Sea

Written By:
Helen Worthington
March 9, 2016
St Francis of Paola

Are you superstitious?

Do you do anything different on Friday 13th?

Some people won’t take a trip if it begins on a Friday and, once you have left home to go away, you should never go back if you’ve forgotten something. Replace it on your way or it will bring you bad luck!!

Do you carry a lucky charm when travelling? St Christopher was the patron saint of travellers until the 1970’s, when his status was downgraded. The story of him carrying the Christ child across a river on his back was ruled to probably be a myth. Nevertheless, lots of people still wear St Christopher medallions today…

Once on your travels, throwing a coin into the Trevi Fountain in Rome means that you will return to the city, whilst kissing the Blarney Stone in County Cork, Ireland (not an easy manoeuvre in itself!) means you will be inducted with the gift of the gab!

Once you are on your cruise ship, leave nothing to luck. Take a look below; here are 10 patron saints that will be able to help you on your way!

Patron Saint of Sailors – St Francis of Paola

It is said that in 1464, St Francis was refused passage by a boatman while trying to cross the Strait of Messina to Sicily. He reputedly laid his cloak on the water, tied one end to his staff as a sail, and sailed himself across the strait.

Patron Saint for Good Weather – St Clare of Assissi

Who wouldn’t want this patron saint’s help on board – especially as she is also the patron saint of laundry and TV.

Most Common Country/City Patron Saint - St George

A worldwide presence, wherever you sail - Canada, England, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Lithuania, Malta, Moldova, Portugal, Russia, Moscow, Serbia, Montenegro, Ethiopia, Aragon and Catalonia.

Patron Saint of Learning - St Catherine

Cruise lines have guest lecturers on board, a plethora of workshops, cookery classes, card playing sessions and libraries. There is no excuse not to immerse yourself and either try something new or learn a lot more about your cruise destination. St Catharine also gives her name to a Cambridge University College and the revolving, sparking firework – the Catherine Wheel.

Patron Saint of Seasickness - St Erasmus

Legend states that when a blue light (actually electrical discharges) appears at the masthead or in the rigging, either before or after a storm, sailors take it as a sign of Erasmus's protection. It is also known as "St. Elmo's Fire”.

Patron Saint of Hangovers – St Bibiana

Especially for those over indulging in any drinks packages available on board.

Patron Saint of the Internet - St Isodore

Where there are dodgy download speeds and expensive Wi-Fi packages, perhaps the cruise line needs to pay better homage to Isodore. Circa 600AD, he wrote a 20 book collection - ‘The Origins’ - in which he tried to record everything that was known. For a thousand years it was considered to be the encyclopedia of all human knowledge and he was dubbed "The last scholar of the ancient world".

Patron Saint of Insect Bites – Narcissus

Although insect repellant may serve you better!!

Patron Saint of Oversleeping –St Vitas

Fresh air, good food and drink, nothing to do but relax – oversleeping is so easy on a ship!! Don’t worry, if St Vitas fails you, there will nearly always be somewhere on board that you can get a little light sustenance to put you on until lunchtime. AMA Waterways even offer ‘Late Riser’s’ breakfasts and shore excursions for those incurring the wrath of St Vitas. He is also the patron saint of epileptics (St Vitas Dance), dancers, actors and a protector against storms – definitely worth ‘cozying’ up to on a cruise ship!

Patron Saint of Pastry Chefs & Cake Makers – Honorius of Amiens.

The Rue Saint Honore in Paris is named after him.

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