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Reasons To Choose Jamaica As Your Next Cruising Destination

Written By:
February 5, 2020

Right in the heart of the Caribbean, Jamaica is a place of warmth, happiness and adventure. This beautiful island is amongst the most popular places to visit in the western hemisphere and for good reason. From the food and beaches to music and vibrant culture, Jamaica has fully cemented itself as one of the top destinations in the Caribbean.

So here are some of the reasons why it should be your next cruising destination.



Stunning beaches to rival that of other Caribbean islands, year-round summer temperatures and crystal clear waters are just a few of the things that makes Jamaica’s coastlines so impressive. Thanks to the extensive beach resorts that are dotted around the island, you’ll have no trouble finding a place to top up your tan.

There is no need to worry about the hustle and bustle of your average beach; Jamaica’s beaches stretch all around the island. With the island being quite small, you will never be that far away from a beach and always close enough to a town, where you can catch a bite before heading back to your sun lounger.



While Jamaica might not be known for its luxurious delicacies, there is one thing we can all be thankful for. As the home of jerk chicken, this country has not only made it their speciality dish, but has also taken it around the rest of the world in various guises.

Apart from this world-famous dish, ackee and saltfish is regarded as the country’s national plate and has been a large part of the island’s history, dating back to before 1725 when the fruit was first imported from Ghana. For dessert, rum cake is a treat that was born in the Caribbean and is typically a seasonal dessert, even though it is served throughout the year these days.



Whether it’s the slow pace or the relaxed music, something about Jamaica attracts travellers from all around the world. Jamaica has a large dancehall scene, along with street dancing making up a large portion of Jamaican evenings. But if you would prefer something a little more relaxing, there is a mixture of local bars and restaurants offering live reggae events.

When anyone says Jamaica, many people’s thoughts will turn to legendary singer Bob Marley. No matter where you go on the island, you are likely to be reminded of his everlasting effect on the people. From his music to his own personal museum, the life of Jamaica’s music lives on through the locals. Apart from Bob Marley’s Museum, the Devon House was home to Jamaica’s first black millionaire and has now been restored as a museum providing an in-depth insight into the history, culture and people of Jamaica.



Jamaica is an island of beauty no matter how you look at it. The island’s tropical terrain on the inside and jaw-dropping coastlines on the outside make it an excellent escape for both adventures and people who just want to relax. Even if you would still like to explore Jamaica’s rugged interior, there are various methods, including bamboo rafting, that help you traverse the island’s tropical rainforests. Likewise, if you are closer to the coast but looking for an activity, snorkelling and scuba diving are the best way to see diverse marine life.

How could we mention Jamaica’s beauty without discussing the iconic blue lagoon? This tranquil paradise is the most popular natural attraction on the island after being made famous by Tom Cruise’s 1998 film Cocktail. The lagoon is estimated to be around 200 feet deep, featuring tranquil blue waters and several small islands, offering even more opportunity for exploration and diving.

Jamaica may not be top of your cruising list but, with the unique culture, world-renowned food and laidback lifestyle, it’s more than a worthy pick if you’re heading to the Caribbean.

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