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Reasons To Choose Sweden As Your Next Cruising Destination

Written By:
November 6, 2019

Sweden is usually not seen as a famous cruising destination and is usually overshadowed by the more popular Norwegian Fjords. But, what a lot of cruisers seem to miss, is the true beauty of this Scandinavian gem, from expansive open lakes to midsummer parties, locals are always happy to show tourist more about their culture. Also, Sweden are runners up for best country to learn English as a second language just behind Iceland, so, there will be no problem getting around the city and local areas.


Old Red Farms

Sweden attracts millions of nature lovers every year, with its nature and picturesque views likely to rival that of both its neighbours. With almost 100,000 lakes, several impressive mountain ranges, bucolic forests, rolling fields, mid-night sun and the memorable northern lights making a regular appearance through the winter seasons, Sweden boasts unmatched landscapes all across the country. Being free is a large part of the countries culture, by law (allemansrätten), anyone has the right to access any greenspace when walking, kayaking, or camping. So the beautiful Swedish landscape is free to explore under one law, do not destroy and do not disturb.


Midsummer Celebrations

Midsummer brings a new side of Sweden for tourist too see, as a national holiday everyone joins in with the festive fun. Families, friends and tourists can all come together for an exciting few days of food, games, dancing, singing and most importantly drinking. These festivities follow back to an age-old tradition, where seven flowers would be placed under your pillow, so that when you wake up after dreaming about the person you are going to marry, flower crowns are created and you can dance around the Maypole with a partner.

Finally, with the chilling winter seasons forever looming throughout the year, the swedes are always excited to get involved in their favourite pastime. Sauna’s are not only a large part of local’s lives they are also dotted everywhere, from swimming halls to in the middle of forests, you will never be too far away from relaxing in warm sauna.


Mountain Campsite

There is no denying that Sweden is usually always cold, and all the locals have come to terms with this. But just because it might be a little chiller than your average British winter, this doesn’t mean you have to stay in all-day every day. Whether you want to go skiing, skating or snowmobiling, there are plenty of options to find the perfect winter activity to keep you excited during your Swedish stay. And even if you don’t like the cold, there are still options to visit during the summer months that offers a more manageable 23°C.


Old Town Sweden

With the capital of Sweden, Stockholm being accessible by traversing through the small nearby islands. Encompassing 14 islands and more than 50 bridges, Stockholm is currently one of the fastest growing regions in all of Europe and is projected to reach 2.5 million people by 2024. Dating back to as early as 6th-century BC, Stockholm boasts several options for entertainment, including trips to Vasa Museum, a maritime museum with an authentic 17th-century ship, Drottningholm Palace, the current home of Sweden’s Royal family, offers extensive tours around the grounds and is also a world-heritage site.

Sweden is one of the Nordic’s hidden gems and while Norway has the stunning Norwegian Fjords, Sweden has beauty to match that within its national parks.

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