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The Kimberley - Australia's Up and Coming Coastline

Written By:
October 22, 2019

With our recent blog about reasons to choose Australia as your next cruising destination, we briefly discussed Australia’s coastlines and discussed that a lot of travellers are quick to choose the Great Barrier Reef as the most beautiful coastline in the country. However, while this popular dive location can offer some amazing experiences, The Kimberley boasts a more untouched landscape and a different side to the Australian experience.

The best part about The Kimberley is that it’s perfect for new travellers and those who have adventured to Australia before. You are sure to be blown away by its natural beauty.

So, here are a few of the highlights that you can see in The Kimberley.



Thanks to it being virtually untouched and well protected, the coastline’s wildlife has been allowed to flourish with an increasing number of flora and fauna year on year. Even though you won’t be able to go swimming with the turtles, due to the large number of saltwater crocodiles and sharks that live here, you can still see them clearly through the pristine blue waters. There are, however, several inland coves that do allow for snorkelling and other water sports for guests who are feeling a little more adventurous.

The Coral Reefs are also spectacular here, with different seasons offering a variety of experiences. These include the chance to see humpback whales from June to November, while January to March is hatching season for the large population of sea turtles that call these reefs home.


Sir David Attenborough is quoted to have said Horizontal Falls is “one of the greatest wonders of the natural world” and it has been the main draw for people visiting The Kimberley since it was discovered. The natural phenomenon which is performed here every day happens between the McLarty Ranges that each reach up to 25m in width. When water pressure builds up faster on one side than the other, the surge creates a waterfall on the surface of the water, with waves reaching up to 5m high on a spring tide.



As you dock along the coastline of The Kimberley, you can admire Australia’s distinguished beaches and coves that make this area so special. The most iconic part of the coast has to be Cable Beach. This white sandy shoreline is almost perfectly flat and throughout the evenings, during golden hour, cruisers can watch as the beach comes alive with camel riding and festive fun with the beautiful sunset in the background.

Roebuck Bay is another beloved Australian beach. With migrating birds visiting throughout the seasons and special nights being held when the ‘Staircase to the Moon’ natural phenomenon happens, this is a romantic destination where beauty and nature are fused into one.

Australia is a country with a lot of biodiversity and exploring the lesser-known areas can give you just as good of an experience as delving into the well-known spots.

So, if you are tempted by Australia’s infatuating coastlines and want to know more about The Kimberley, call us today to book your cruise.

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