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Virgin Voyages’ Second Vessel – Valiant Lady

Written By:
December 4, 2019

Virgin Voyages has been promoting their first vessel Scarlet Lady for almost a year now and, while she’s not set to sail until 2020, it’s clear that she’s well on her way to a successful inaugural season. But, with three other similar ships planning on making their appearances in 2021, 2022 and 2023, the announcement of Valiant Lady has added more fuel to the fire for Virgin Voyages’ extensive marketing campaign.

So, here is what we know about Virgin Voyages’ second vessel and what we think will remain the same from Scarlet Lady.


With designer Gareth Pugh at the helm of outfit design, there has been a lot of talk around the outfit design for both Scarlet Lady and her sister ships. And, we can definitely say that Virgin Voyages has strayed from the authentic dress that you would expect from any other cruising company. Some of the crew kits include a shirt with an angular graphic that looks like sailor’s necktie, a black dress with a dramatic red cape and an angular boat neck with thick black straps.

Virgin Voyages has stated that they prefer a more relaxed vibe on board their vessels and they feel that this change in uniform will help to make sailors’ experiences less stressful.


Scarlet Lady

As one of the most highly anticipated parts of Valiant Lady, details of her itineraries are yet to be released, but Virgin Voyages has already confirmed three different sailings. Scarlet Lady has already confirmed her sailings will be taking place around the Caribbean, so it would only make sense that her sister ship would be based in Europe. Fortunately, Valiant Lady is settling in the Mediterranean and includes the delights of Barcelona, Ibiza, Monte Carlo, Marseille, Olbia, Toulon, Ajaccio, Marina di Carrara and Cagliari on her list of ports.

With these announced destinations, we can assume that Valiant Lady will spend the large proportion of her inaugural season in the Mediterranean. There will also be more sailings added, but they will be released closer to the sailing date.


Virgin Voyages Tattoo Parlour

Much like her sister ship, Valiant Lady will not offer cruisers the traditional cruising experience that you might expect. Instead, this 110,000-tonne vessel will be teeming with vegan menus, drag-inspired brunches, rock star-themed suites and even a tattoo parlour. Each cabin will also be kitted out with modern features, including an in-room tablet that doubles as a sound system, so you can party like a rock star; a way to order room service; and a control for your lights, allowing you to dim them for every mood.

Plus, there are several ways to stay active during your stay. From top-deck yoga classes to the extensive b-complex gym, every type of fitness fanatic can keep their workout going throughout the morning and evenings.

Finally, there are endless entertainment options onboard as well – alluring nightclubs, poolside oasis clubs and private karaoke booths. Virgin Voyages has considered both the long-night partiers and the intimate group goers so that their ships encompass everything that Virgin Voyages stands for.

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